1.Payments – Payment must be received in full via PayPal by the date and time shown for each event. Should any registration entry and payment be received after the deadline we reserve the right to either: a. Exclude your entry from the event or b. Include your entry for the event but levy a late entry fee/ administration charge of $25 to be paid by PayPal before the event commences.

No refunds will be provided to any player(s) following event registration and payment being made.  All event arrangements are made in good faith with the venues that we book and in many cases we are required to pay advance deposit(s) and/or full payment of green fees to secure venues.

2.Cancellation by player – Any player who wishes to cancel their entry should advise us by phone, text or email as early as possible and ALWAYS at least 24 hours prior to the day of the event. If we receive cancellation notice in writing at least 24 hours before the event commences we will be happy to credit entry fee cost paid for, or towards, entry to a future event within one month of the original cancellation. If cancellation is made less than 24 hours before event commences we are unable to provide a credit as many venues will charge us in advance in full for your entry and we may not be able to fill the spot you have vacated. In each individual circumstance we can advise at time of cancellation what we can offer. Please note that if a credit is offered you WILL still need to complete an online registration form for the next event although no payment will be due. The above policy applies to all single day and multi day events.

3.Event Cancellation by The Claret Junior Tour- In the event that we feel it is necessary to cancel an event in its entirety we will notify all players by email. We will use the email address you provided on the registration form for that event. We will always attempt to give as much notice as possible to all players. All players will receive a raincheck free entry that can be used to enter another CJT event during the same year. CJT will not be responsible for any additional costs any player may have incurred including travel to/from the event.

4.Bad Weather Policy – If any event is already underway and bad weather creates the need to suspend play we will consider the likelihood of weather improving and seek advice from management of the venue we are playing regarding course conditions. In some cases it may become necessary to withdraw temporarily from play, return to the clubhouse or possibly shelter in place before returning to play from your previous position on the golf course. If any player decides NOT to wait out a delay and leaves the venue you will be withdrawn from the competition and no refund or credit is due. If a raincheck is offered by the venue you will receive an invitation to participate on the future arranged date.

Our policy on lightning in the area. In the event that lightning is detected within a range of 10 miles of play we will advise ALL players by text and by sounding one long blast of airhorn signal that we may be facing a possible upcoming suspension of play and to monitor their incoming messages. If lightning is detected within a 6 miles radius of our location play will be immediately suspended and we will request you take adequate shelter and/or make your way back to the safety of the clubhouse and await further instructions. If you choose to monitor the conditions and take shelter on the course please advise you are doing so and you are safely under cover. It is important that we know all players and spectators are safe at all times during weather delays. A resuming of play message will be sent by text and the sounding of two long blasts on the airhorn will be made.

In the event that bad weather causes a complete cancellation of play for that day we will adhere to the following guidelines. If ALL players in each flight have completed at least nine (9) holes of play the competition will be considered and scored as a nine (9) hole event. Regardless of any additional holes any player may have played when the cancellation is called only the first nine (9) holes will be counted towards a players final score. If any player is unable to complete nine (9) holes when the cancellation of further play is called all competitors, in that player flight only, will receive a free credit against a future tournament on our schedule for that year. If the venue management terminate any Claret Junior Tournament at any time and we are offered a raincheck to return we will do so and the players in attendance on the day affected will be provided with a free entry. If a cart is included in entry fee the same will be provided for rearranged date., if cart(s) are paid separately no refund for cart fee will be issued.

If a competition is officially called off by us and, assuming the course remains open to the public, any player(s) wishes to go back out to the golf course and finish playing they do so entirely at their own risk. When any competition we host is called off or deemed to be complete player(s) are no longer under the supervision of The Claret Junior Tour and as such we can take no responsibility for them.

5. Player Development – Our competitions should be fun and continually challenging to all players regardless of age. We believe it is necessary to regularly review our existing practices and ensure we are helping all players to develop.

From January 1st 2023 we advise that should any player, of any age, successfully win any 3 Claret Junior Tour events we will recognize this achievement by promoting them into our Triple Crown Player Flight. Players in this flight will be all age groups and will still play from their designated age-based yardage/tee box.

In order to further assist in player development please note that, at any time prior to registration closing on any competition any player/parent may request that they play from longer yardage tees than those set by us. We will always endeavor to fulfil these requests.

6. Parent/Player requests – Please note that it is not always possible to accommodate every request made to us before a competition begins to play alongside friends/fellow competitors. We are happy to occasionally help in this regard but we do not believe it benefits the long-term game of developing junior golfers to continually play with the same competitors.

7. ONLY Annual Membership players who hold current membership status at the date of the competition beginning will be able to collect prizes offered in our Annual end of season Claret Junior Tour Championships and our Champion Golfer Event each December. Annual Player Membership of our tour can be renewed for existing players or purchased by new players by clicking HERE

8.FSGA STEP Exemption Awards for participation in FJT Events. Only players holding current Annual Membership player status of The Claret Tour and current 2023 Scholarship players will be eligible to receive FJT Step Exemption awards from us. In 2023 we will offer STEP Exemption awards to our lowest scoring players, both boys and girls, in the age groups 13-15 and 16+ at 36 Hole (or more) tournament events. These events will be advertised with the STEP Exemption symbol alongside them. Please note that STEP Exemptions will be limited to no more than two awards per individual player in each 3-month period of 2023 beginning in quarter 1 (January 1st to March 31st)* We will only provide FJT STEP Exemption Awards to Flight Winners where a minimum of 5 or more players are competing within the same age group and from the same tee box yardage. This also applies to ranking points from GJGR and Junior Golf Scoreboard. For more info please email questions to: info@claretjuniortour.com

9.Rankings by Junior Golf Scoreboard (JGS) and Global Junior Golf Rankings (GJGR). Please note that we forward all attending player scores to the above National Junior Ranking Organizations. Each of them have their own rules regarding how they deal with player ranking points and it is the player’s responsibility to know what these rules are and how they may be affected by them. We abide by GJGR and JGS instructions and rules when submitting player scores. GJGR will rank both 18-hole single day tournaments and multi day (36 holes or more) tournaments. JGS will only rank multi day (36 holes or more) tournaments. Each ranking organization has set criteria which requires 5 or more players in the same age group eg. 13/15 or 16+ to play from the same yardages for ranking purposes. Please note we, The Claret Tour, cannot be held responsible if any player does not receive ranking points as a result of not meeting these criteria due to factors out with our control including, not enough player entries in each age group and/or players withdrawing before or during any tournament competition.

Check out JGS at: www.juniorgolfscoreboard.com

Check out GJGR at: www.juniorgolfranking.com 

10. The Claret Junior Tour have a strict no-smoking policy. Any player, player’s caddie or spectator who is observed smoking on the golf course or within proximity of our junior golfers will be asked to stop. If you are a competitor you will be excluded from the competition with immediate effect. Tobacco in any form is not allowed. Use of pen/vaping regardless of substance contained within is classed as smoking and carries the same penalty.

11. No spitting policy. Players are asked to refrain from spitting on or around the golf course venue while participating in any competition. Any player or caddie observed spitting will be asked to stop. If observed a second time they will be asked to leave the competition immediately.

12. No alcohol policy. Any player found to be in possession of, or partaking of, any alcoholic beverage will be immediately excluded and banned from ALL future Claret Junior Tournament events without exception. We would also remind all adults attending our tournaments to be aware of these rules in this regard and to only set good examples to all of our juniors.