Date : Saturday 9th May 2020

Venue: Harbor Hills Country Club

Our Member-Only event is now finalised and it’s looking like a great day to get back to playing some competitive Junior Golf.

We are delighted to see such a great field of talented young players. 29 in total so a very busy day ahead for us all!

First tee time is 2pm and all being well we expect the last group to go off at 3.18. As you know social distancing is uppermost in everyone’s mind right now and as a result we feel it is currently best to try wherever possible to keep group sizes as low as we can. Tomorrow almost every group will be a two ball pairing.

On arrival at Harbor Hills please go to the ProShop first to check on cart availability. Please note that like many golf venues we know HH have had to change procedures where rental carts are concerned and now cart sharing is only allowed when sharing with another person from your household.

This has put a strain on cart availability overall so please be patient with the staff there as they try to accommodate everyone in our large group who wants a cart.

As mentioned earlier we will be scoring all final results of this competition by using our on line Highlander/iWanamaker scoring app.

Please download the app to your phone and ensure there is enough juice in your phone when you arrive at Harbor Hills. If you need any help downloading the app which can be found and downloaded by searching for HJT golf or are unsure of using it speak to Mark at the venue before you play or email him or text/call 352 259 0436.

Tomorrow all groups are off tee 1 and we ask that you please arrive at the tee 10 minutes before play. For everyone to enjoy the day we do need to get everyone away on time and at 6 minute intervals.

Social distancing is now an important part of golf. We must adapt and respect the measures put in place at the venue and make every effort to ensure we all remain vigilant and be mindful of each other’s views and feelings.

Please bring with you any items you require for regular hand cleansing and social distancing protection when indoors (clubhouse check in etc) and some water as most courses now no longer supply drinking water on the course.

Before play we will remind all players of the amended rules and changes on the course that they need to be aware of during play.

When the competition is over we will present winner’s medals in a safe and controlled way and in an outdoor setting. We believe this will work out as long as we remain mindful of social distancing.

Below are your individual tee times and pairings.


Jay Ring                Blue Tees

Michael Woodley    Blue Tees


Curtis Douglas      Blue Tees

Jack Panigoni       Blue Tees


Caden Fockler        White Tees

Trenton Waters      Blue Tees


Andrew Megler   Blue Tees

Elle Folland        White Tees


Jacky Zhang     Blue Tees

Trace Kirkland  White Tees


AJ Burns       White Tees

Luke Wood   White Tees


Devin Lampe       White Tees

Nicholas Caudill   White Tees


Bella Dovhey     Green Tees

Maggie Potash  White/Green Tees


Braxton Williams  Green Tees

Quinton Barnhill   White Tees


Chris Tatro   Green Tees

Kale Fashik   Green Tees


Brady Lawler        Green Tees

James Calabrese   Green Tees


Rhett Kirkland   Yellow Tees

Ryker Huther    Yellow Tees


Aiden Skrocki                     Yellow Tees

Jackson Platt-Scarbrough    Yellow Tees


Deya Shaktawat     Yellow Tees

Gabby Calabrese     Yellow Tees

Tripp Watkins           White Tees

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