Good evening everyone. Please find below a full listing of tomorrow’s tee times, pairings, yardages and flight info by player.

We are really looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow for what promises to be another great day of junior golf competition and once again we will have a strong field of talented players competing in all age groups.

ALL scoring tomorrow will be via our dedicated online scoring app. Please search in your phone’s app store for HJT golf and download it. You will need to register if using for the first time. You can then search for our event by date and you will find all of the pairings are now loaded. Recording a player score is a simple process once they begin play however please talk to a member of HJT staff tomorrow if you need any assistance…and don’t forget to charge your phone! Please note that using the HJT app for scoring is a condition of this competition and no other form of scoring is acceptable. If you need help with the app prior to play please ask a member of staff for assistance in advance of play commencing.

On arrival at Harbor Hills CC please head to the marked “Golfer Registration” area and register your arrival with Fiona. Fiona will confirm your tee time and advise how to get your golf cart. Each player in the field tomorrow has paid in advance for a golf cart and there is no requirement to pay for any player’s cart in the pro-shop. This is not the norm at this venue BUT on this occasion this is what Harbor Hills requested from us during their very busy season.

We have been advised this afternoon that due to their morning visitor numbers carts may not be immediately available for every player when you first arrive however we have been assured that they will be in time enough time for each of our players prior to their tee off time. This has been the case in the past and each time everything has worked out as they have advised however it does require your understanding and your patience.

We have given Harbor Hills staff our tee times and we have asked that PLAYERS are issued carts in tee time order and all players receive them before any additional spectators do. If any problems do arise on the day please bring them to our attention and we will deal with them accordingly.

Players can ride either on their own (if old enough and with a valid drivers licence) or alongside a parent.

Range balls are already out for players warm up and the range is over to the right hand side of the first tee. Please make your way to the 1st tee no later than 10 minutes before your tee time to allow for a short local rules briefing and introduction to your playing partner(s)

Following play we will present winners medals in the registration area. We do always try to keep these award recognition ceremonies as brief as we can as we know many of you have travelled some way to be at our event but we, and our players, do very much appreciate when fellow players and parents take the time to attend and show your support to our medalists if possible.

Enjoy the rest of your evening and we look forward to seeing you all tomorrow. Please note our contact number if you need to contact us at any point before play tomorrow, 352-259-0436


Player tee times, pairings and tee boxes:



Cody Royston – blue

Hunter Lewis – blue

Nick Zarillo – blue


Elle Folland – white

Jack Panigoni – blue


AJ Burns – white

Devin Lampe – blue

Maxwell Frantzen – blue


Trace Kirkland – white

Zach Phan – white


Delaney Sillaway – green

Maggie Potash – green

Riley Sillaway – green


Cole Signoretti – green

Kale Fashik – green


Deya Shaktawat – Red

Katie Allen – Green


Aiden Skrocki – Yellow

Keating Holland – Green


Brantley Flannery – Yellow

Rhett Kirkland – Yellow

Cooper Longest – Wee Red Tees (9Holes)


Yardages by tee box color:


Blue  6389 yds   Boys 16-18

White 5915 yds   Boys 13-15. Girls 16-18

Green  5293 yds   Boys 11-12. Girls 13-15

Red  5028 yds     Girls 11-12

Yellow 3856 yds  Boys 10 under  Girls 10 under


Player Flights:


The Old Tom Morris


Cody Royston

Hunter Lewis

Nick Zarillo

Elle Folland

Jack Panigoni

Maxwell Frantzen

Devin Lampe


The Young Tommy Morris:


Zach Phan

Trace Kirkland

Maggie Potash

Delaney Sillaway

AJ Burns

Kale Fashik

Cole Signoretti

Katie Allen


The Bobby Jones:


Aiden Skrocki

Brantley Flannery

Rhett Kirkland

Riley Sillaway

Keating Holland

Tyler Budill

Deya Shaktawat

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