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Good afternoon, everyone.

We are very much looking forward to another great day of junior golf tomorrow at Eagle Ridge GC in Summerfield.

Below this message you will find individual tee times, pairings, yardages and flight info for tomorrow’s competition. We will commence play at 12.14 on number 1 of The Heritage Course and our back 9 tomorrow will be on The Masters Course.

It is important that all players check in on arrival with Fiona at our Golfer Registration Desk. We do need to know you have arrived with us and if any tee time changes are necessary, we will communicate these to you at that stage. Range tokens will also be issued to players at check-in by Fiona. It’s also important to check that we have the correct phone number on file for you in the event that we need to contact you while on course with a weather text message or relay important info to you. Tomorrow’s forecast is changeable, we have been watching most of the week and at this stage it certainly looks like we will have some rain falling on us during this one. The severity of it is something we are unsure of but PLEASE come prepared with essential items and a few extra snacks and drinks just in case we have to take temporary shelter at any point. Here’s what the “Dark Sky” weather app shows:


As always, as an additional exciting and fun element, we will be operating a nearest-the-pin competition tomorrow sponsored by Edwin Watts Golf for all players with a great prize provided by the sponsor for the winner. Hole number 14 (Masters) will be used tomorrow for Nearest The Pin and all reporting of distances by players for this fun competition will also be input into the iWanamaker scoring app following play of that hole.

Carts are available for rent via the Pro Shop for all players with a valid driver’s license or parents accompanying younger players. Cost is $20 plus tax. Please note at all Claret Junior Tour competitions we are happy for players to use carts either by driving themselves (with a valid driver’s license) OR if with a parent or guardian alongside them. If you prefer to walk you are free to do so but if you choose this option, please remember that it is extremely important every player maintains a good pace of play.

Please note caddies are also permitted at our tour events. Caddies MUST comply with USGA caddie rules and pace of play MUST be observed. If your group falls behind play, we will request you play quicker, following this we will request you play “Ready Golf” in order to keep pace with the group in front. Electronic devices to assist with yardages are also acceptable for use at this competition.

This competition will be ranked by GJGR. (Global Junior Golf Rankings). Official scoring will only be accepted by inputting scores into our dedicated online scoring app which can be downloaded from your online app store by searching for iWanamaker golf. You will find that the player tee times as shown below have been loaded in the app already. Please note that we no longer swap paper scorecards between players however we do strongly suggest that you keep a paper scorecard record which we will use as a backup to refer to should any discrepancies or errors be made in the app. If you are using the scoring app for the first time, you will first have to register in the iWanamaker app USING THE PLAYERS NAME. You can then search for tomorrow’s competition in the Find an Event area where you will find the full list of players and tee times pre-loaded.

Please note that when searching in your phone’s app store for the correct iWanamaker app look for and download the one where the logo looks like this:

Scoring via the app is a simple process but if you do need any assistance with it please ask prior to play and we will be happy to help. Please bear in mind that YOUR score on each hole is ultimately YOUR responsibility even if you are not the person within your group who is inputting it to the app. We always suggest that you double check it has been entered correctly before you finalize it on the final hole. If you do notice ANY discrepancy, please bring it to our attention immediately.

Please make your way to the 1st tee of The Heritage Course at least 10 minutes before play where we will provide a short briefing to players on any local rules that may apply to this competition.

Weather text service: Please rest assured player safety is always our priority and if it becomes necessary at any of our tournaments to shelter in place or return to the clubhouse, we will immediately advise you by text. Please ensure you are prepared, as much as possible, for fast-changing weather conditions.

Following play tomorrow, and as player flights finish, we will compile scores and conduct brief medal presentations. We always try to conduct these presentations as quickly as we can to ensure you are not waiting around too much but we, and our players, do always appreciate your sportsmanship and support by attending if you possibly can.

Claret Junior Tour Merchandise.

Tomorrow we will have available for purchase a selection of our latest branded hats and a selection of lightweight moisture wicking zip tops in male and female sizes. If any parent, player or spectator wishes to purchase any item please see Fiona. We are very proud of the fact that we offer junior golf tournament events at great venues and at great value for money and this is extremely important to us. Your support helps us to continue doing so and any profits made from merchandise purchased will always remain within our junior tour operation.

If you have any questions and need to contact us urgently, please don’t hesitate to call or text me (Keith) on 716-436-8691.

We are very much looking forward to another great day of junior golf at Eagle Ridge GC tomorrow. See you there!


** Please Note if any player wishes to play from a longer tee box than that allocated, please advise a member of staff prior to play tomorrow. If a longer tee box yardage is available we will be happy to fulfill requests. **


Player Tee Times:



Nick Zarillo (Alumni Guest Player)

Jacky Zhang  – Gold tees

Alejandro Scarpetta – Gold tees



Jarrett Darus – Gold tees

Ethan Weber- Gold tees

Brant Moreno- Gold tees



Nolan Danapilis -Gold tees

Trace Kirkland -Gold tees

AJ Burns -Gold Tees



Kale Fashik -Blue tees

Lexis Smith -Silver tees

Angelica Smith -Silver tees



Tyler Budill -Blue tees

Riley Sillaway -White tees

Aiden Skrocki -Silver tees



Kanav Mathur -White tees

James Buckelew -White tees

Christopher Wallace -Silver tees



Rhett Kirkland -Silver tees

Brantley Flannery -Silver tees

Eden Wilkins -Red tees



Tee Box Legend


Green Tees @ 6884 yards

Gold Tees @ 6531 Yards

Blue Tees @ 6010 Yards

White Tees @ 5391 Yards

Silver Tees @ 5169 Yards

Red Tees @ 4590 Yards


The Player Flights


The Old Course Flight


Lexis Smith

Jacky Zhang

Nolan Danapilis

Trace Kirkland

Brant Moreno

Jarrett Darus

Ethan Weber

Alejandro Scarpetta

AJ Burns


The Jubilee Course Flight


Angelica Smith

Tyler Budill

Kale Fashik

Riley Sillaway

Kanav Mathur

James Buckelew


The New Course Flight


Eden Wilkins

Aiden Skrocki

Rhett Kirkland

Brantley Flannery

Christopher Wallace


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