The TCL Junior Open Championship and The TCL Alumni Player Championship


Good evening everyone. Thank you for registering to play in one of the above Highlander Tour events taking place tomorrow at Glenview Champions in The Villages. Both of these tournament events are 36-hole stroke play events played over the Fox Run and Stirrup Cup Championship courses at Glenview. Please find below a full listing of tomorrow’s tee times, pairings, yardages and flight info by player. First tee time is 11.56am tomorrow and Registration will be open from 10 am.

Full  venue info can be reached by clicking HERE

We are really looking forward to seeing you all at Glenview for Round 1 of what promises to be an exciting weekend of junior golf competition. As you can see from the tee sheet below we have a great field of young players across all age groups.

As advised earlier ALL scoring over both rounds of play will be via our dedicated online scoring app. Please search in your phone’s app store for HJT golf and download it. You will need to register if using for the first time. You can then search for our event by date and you will find all of the player tee times and pairings pairings are now loaded. Recording a player score is a simple process once they begin play however please talk to a member of HJT staff tomorrow if you need any assistance…and don’t forget to charge your phone!

Please note that using the HJT app for scoring is a condition of this competition and no other form of scoring is acceptable. If you need help with the app prior to play please ask a member of staff for assistance in advance of play commencing.


To ALL players: Your score is YOUR responsibility. If another member of the group you are playing with agrees to submit everyone’s scores into the app it is still YOUR responsibility to check these scores are input correctly with him/her BEFORE they are finally submitted.

Often the fastest way to check is to ensure you keep your own copy kept on your paper scorecard as a back-up should any issues arise that need to be checked.


All players have been grouped into age-based flights and players will play from appropriate age based yardages which are shown below. A winner’s medal will be presented to the lowest scoring player after 36 holes in each player flight. Additional commemorative award prizes will also be presented to these lowest scoring players. The TCL Junior Open Claret Jug Trophy will be presented to the overall lowest scoring player after 36 holes on Sunday following play. If it becomes necessary as a result of two or more players in a flight recording the same score extra hole play-offs will be used to decide a winner and the number of holes will be advised prior to the play-off commencing. If after the agreed number has been reached players are still tied the winning medalist will be decided by a chip-off at an agreed green side area.

**Please note our Senior (Alumni Players) are playing for lowest scorer flight winners medal and commemorative golf awards. Only our Junior Players are competing for the Junior Championship Claret Jug Trophy*

Caddies ARE permitted for this event and USGA caddie rules will apply at all times.

Electronic devices which assist with yardages are also permitted for this event.

It is essential that we have a valid contact number for every player out on the course for safety reasons and/or in the event we need to message you in case of emergency or to advise of any incoming weather issues that may force you to take temporary shelter. Please check with Fiona at our player registration desk to ensure we have your contact number correct.

As the weather can be unpredictable at this time of year please arrive as prepared for it as possible with umbrella and towels.

We will provide water on the 1st tee. Please bring additional water and keep yourself hydrated at all times during the competition as temperatures are extremely high right now


Please be advised that we set all player yardages based on player age. On some occasions we are asked by player/parent or coach to increase a player’s total yardage. We fully understand that some developing players may prefer to play from further back and we are happy to support these requests as long as they are made prior to arrival on the first tee. All requests MUST be made at Player Check-In stage or earlier. Requests must be made by either Player, Parent or Coach. Under no circumstances will we consider player requests to play shorter yardages than those we have set.

On arrival tomorrow, and if you intend renting a cart, please head to the cart station alongside the parking lot area and advise that you are playing in our tournament. The attendant will issue you a cart to allow you to load golf clubs etc and a receipt. As soon as possible please head to our “Golfer Registration” area which is located by the ProShop and register your arrival with Fiona who will confirm your tee time. Please collect your player gift from Fiona at registration. Rental carts can then be paid inside the ProShop ($20 + tax)

Please note that it is always our intention to ensure that players take priority over spectators when rental carts are available especially during these months of extreme temperatures. We are not anticipating any shortage of golf carts but please be aware that we do need to look after our players first.

All players can ride, either on their own, (if old enough and with a valid drivers license) or alongside a parent. If any player prefers to walk you are welcome to do so. We do stress however that walkers MUST also maintain a steady pace of play at all times.

Range balls will already be laid out for players warm up on the practice area when you arrive.

Please make your way to the 1st tee no later than 10 minutes before your tee time to allow for a short local rules briefing and introduction, if necessary, to your playing partner(s)

On each day we will also operate a Nearest the Pin Competition with great prizes. We will advise you on the tee which par 3 we will use for this competition.

Following play tomorrow we will update Day 1 scores in the player registration area. This is a convenient spot as its close to the 18th hole and alongside the cart return area. There will be no award recognition ceremony on Saturday and you are free to leave once your Day 1 round is complete and you have visited the scoring area to confirm your recorded score is correct.

As early as we can on Saturday evening we will update all the player placings after Day 1 and load Day 2 Tee times and pairings into the HJT golf app for you to view. If we have additional info to pass to you we will also email.

Highlander Junior Tour Merchandise; If you haven’t already received one ALL 2021 HJT Member players who have or have recently renewed an annual HJT player membership($50) will be issued with an exclusive hat bearing our distinctive logo. Please collect from Fiona. If you are not a member so far and you do wish to sign up for HJT Player Membership($50) you can do so HERE. Remember it covers you for a full year and also gets you a saving of at least $15 on EVERY tournament entry fee (and of course a free branded hat worth $25)

Tomorrow we will also have available for purchase HJT branded hats, visors and samples of our quarter zip top. If any parent, player or spectator wishes to purchase any item please see a member of staff. At HJT we are very proud of the fact that we offer junior golf tournament events at great venues and at great value for money when compared with every other junior tour  in Florida! This is extremely important to us and your support helps us to continue doing so.  Any profits made from merchandise will always remains within our junior tour operation.



Tee times, pairings, yardages and player flight info are all listed below. Enjoy the rest of your evening and we look forward to seeing you all tomorrow. Please note our contact number if you need to contact us at any point before play tomorrow, 352-259-0436




11:56 – The Alumni Championship Challenge.


Nick Zarillo.       Black Tees

Michael Lis-Planells.  Black Tees

Tanner Clough.  Black Tees

Jack Panigoni.   Black Tees


12:04 – The TCL Junior Open Championship 2021


Curtis Douglas.  Gold Tees

Michael Woodley. Gold Tees

Trenton Waters. Gold Tees


Brandon Godfrey. Gold Tees

Caden Fockler.  Gold Tees

Nathan Williams. Gold Tees


Jarrett Darus.  Gold Tees

Nicholas Rose. Gold Tees

Will Giger.  Gold Tees


Maxwell Frantzen.  Gold Tees

Reagan Chaires.  Blue Tees

Trace Kirkland.  Gold Tees


EJ Maupin.   Gold Tees

Quinton Barnhill. Gold Tees

Zach Phan.  Blue Tees


AJ Burns.     Blue Tees

Luke Wood.  Blue Tees

Tripp Watkins.  Blue Tees


Braxton Williams. Blue Tees

Grady Logan.   Blue Tees

Tyler Budill.    Blue Tees


Bobby Jones Potash. Yellow Tees

Katie Allen.  Green Tees

Maggie Potash.  Green Tees


Aiden Skrocki.  White Tees

Riley Sillaway.  White Tees

Ryker Huther.  White Tees


AJ Sims.   White Tees

Jackson Platt-Scarbrough. White Tees

Rhett Kirkland. Yellow Tees


Christopher Wallace. Yellow Tees

Christopher Belen.  Yellow Tees


Tee Box Legend


Black  Tees @ 7100. (Alumni Players 18-21)

Gold tees @ 6724. (Boys 16-17)

Blue Tees @ 6261. (Boys 13-15)

White Tees @ 5678. (Girls 16-18) and (Boys 11-12)

Green Tees @ 5074. (Girls 13-15)

Yellow Tees @ 4445. (Boys 10 and under) and (Girls 12 and under)


The Player Flights


The Alumni Flight


Nick Zarillo

Tanner Clough

Michael Lis-Planells

Jack Panigoni


The Claret Jug Flight


Tripp Watkins

Maggie Potash

Zach Phan

Ryker Huther

Riley Sillaway

Bobby Jones Potash


The Old Tom Morris Flight


Brandon Godfrey

Trenton Waters

Michael Woodley

Nathan Williams

Caden Fockler

Nicholas Rose

Maxwell Frantzen

EJ Maupin

Trace Kirkland

Curtis Douglas

Will Giger

Jarrett Darus

Quinton Barnhill


The Young Tommy Morris Flight


AJ Burns

Luke Wood

Reagan Chaires

Grady Logan

Braxton Williams

Katie Allen

Tyler Budill


The Bobby Jones Flight


Jackson Platt-Scarbrough

Aiden Skrocki

AJ Sims

Rhett Kirkland

Christopher Wallace

Christopher Belen


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