Latest report and results from Harbor Hills Country Club Wee Highlander on Saturday June 20th 2020:

It was another successful outing for our Wee Highlander players at Harbor Hills as we once again took to the tee to watch our youngest golfers compete in a fun specially adapted 6 hole competition aimed at helping them develop their game while having the opportunity to experience great venues and have fun!

This time we were watching two players who are already clearly showing their parents that golf is going to be a sport they want to play and enjoy. Each are working hard to create a swing that will work for them and the signs for both of these kids is that they are on the right track, we may indeed still have the odd nervous “fresh air” miss but these are reducing and every so often each will hit that shot that tells everyone these young players have got what it takes to succeed in golf. Remember this fact as it applies to us all…golf is far from EASY! Starting so young will help these youngsters enormously as they get older and develop both body and mind

Preston Shearer aged 7 and Om Khirbat aged 8 certainly had fun and THAT is an absolute  requirement of competing in our Wee Highlander events.

We witnessed every aspect of the game in this 6 hole spell…driving, chipping and putting were all approached with a level of concentration that you have to see to believe…just as important every shot played, good or not so good, was followed by cheers of encouragement from parents, players and spectators! This is golf as it should be where we learn to display empathy for others, decency in behavior and fair play.

Both players had great moments to remember. As the final putt fell our two young players removed hats and shook hands.

Back at the clubhouse and time to collect the scorecards. It was indeed a close match…only 6 strokes separated the pair and both players bettered their previous Wee Highlander competition scores. On this occasion it was Preston who took the medal home with a very impressive 37 with Om recording his final score of 43.

We love to watch these kids play. They have FUN despite the fact that they understand golf by its very nature requires them to pay attention and remember what must feel like a whole bunch of stuff even before you hit the golf ball…regardless of that they keep smiling through and the hardest part for us is getting them to finish up when you know they would happily carry on and play 9 or even 18 holes !

For now though we want them to just keep doing what they are doing.

Well done Preston and Om…you did great and we do hope you had a lot of fun. Well done too to all the parents for helping keep things moving along.

We look forward to doing it again soon and will keep everyone updated on the next Wee Highlander Event.

Preston enjoying the support of his younger brother.


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