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Results and report from Wee Highlanders at Red Tail GC on Saturday May 30th 2020

Another great day watching our Wee Highlanders compete at the wonderful, but super tough and challenging for all Red Tail Golf Club in Sorrento,Florida.

Yesterday we welcomed two returning players. Previous winner Koen Huther aged 5 and also making his second Wee Highlander appearance Nathan Mehrlich aged 5 (and a half!) Koen and Nathan were joined on the tee by 7 year old Preston Shearer to make up our 3 player challenge match over 6 holes of stroke play golf.

Nathan…ready to play !
Ok Preston…Pick a spot, aim and hit!

We have mentioned before that the future of this great game for life is safe in these small hands and this was the case yet again yesterday as the fun began on tee number 1. Once again these youngest of players attracted a big following support and rightly so. Caddie Dads were on hand to help line up shots and read tricky putts and some great golf was on show from every player…and a few loose shots too BUT that’s why we are here right ? To learn, to have fun and to instill good habits and confidence in these young potential future Tour Players, the kind of confidence that allows them to casually shrug off the bad shots and move onto the hopefully next …good shots!

Koen, Preston and Nathan took on Red Tail. They happily skipped to their next shot, listened intently to their caddies and put everything into each stroke they played…the Florida sun shone hot and bright and while most of the assembled crowd prayed for a breeze our players were interested only in good solid drives and putts that dropped into the cup!

The following crowd of interested spectators cheered and applauded EVERY shot our Wee Highlanders struck and every putt that was played, is there any other sport in the world where that happens ? That level of support and encouragement given generously towards ALL players and not just your chosen favorite helps these kids realise golf is a sport that requires respect be given to our fellow players . Without even knowing it they are already learning some of the great life lessons golf can teach us while having fun with friends!

Six holes under our belts and it was back to the clubhouse to count the scores and present the winners medal.

The results were every bit as impressive as the performances. Is there room for improvement? Yes….Absolutely…golf is a sport that no player in history has ever truly mastered… Not Jones, Nicklaus or Woods. With a love for the game and a desire to succeed who knows how far each of these talented youngsters can go…one thing is for sure though, the earlier they start playing the more time they have to be the best they can be!

Well done to all of our players..good job, you did great and thank you to our supporters too for your exceptional encouragement of them all.

Hit it over there…hard !
Everyone needs a little advice from their caddie.

The following scores were recorded:

1.Koen Huther 33

2.Preston Shearer 38

3.Nathan Mehrlich 46



Once again Koen Huther took the winners medal to take his tally to 2 in total. Congratulations to Koen from us all.

So that wrapped up another Wee Highlander event. We are loving the opportunity to host these events and we will advise of the venue and date of the next one.

A special thank you goes out to Dan Huther…Dan we really do appreciate all your help with our Wee Highlanders thank you !

We value your support and feedback and we will try to keep these events fun and interesting with new ideas etc. as we go forward. As parents or if you are just interested in kids golf development please feel free to send us any ideas or thoughts you may have on these events. Hopefully it also goes without saying that we need your support to make these events happen so please tell everyone you know who has a budding golfer at home aged 8 and under about The Wee Highlanders, and if they are older than that tell them about the next step up and our Highlander Junior Tour for all those 10-17’s.

See you next time everyone.

Images courtest of Sarah Rockey.


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