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Individual player tee times, pairings, yardages and flights are now available below this message for our upcoming Highlander Junior Tour 18-hole stroke play golf tournament at Lopez Legacy’s Ashley Meadows course in The Villages. Please note that we will be playing two loops of 9 on the Ashley Meadows course for this competition.

We are delighted you can join us for what promises to be a very special landmark day for us at HJT. The Villages Championship venues are all exceptional golf facilities and we are delighted to be playing our first junior tournament here. Player interest in attending this event has been exceptional and we have been completely sold out of our allocation of space for more than a week!

We have 25 players competing in our 18- hole event followed by 2 in our Wee Highlander 9-hole match. As you will see from the information below all players have been placed in flights. An HJT winners medal will be awarded following the conclusion of each flight. Players will play from their designated tee box yardage shown below and all scoring for our 18-hole competition will only be accepted when summited via our dedicated HJT scoring app. All players, pairings and tee times have already been loaded into the app.

The app is easy to use and is our branded version of the same program(iWanamaker) used by FHSAA for scoring High School golf so using it regularly is helpful to players and competition scorers. The app also stops the need for players handling and passing over paper scorecards. A paper scorecard can still be completed if you wish and kept for your own records.

If you are joining us for the first time please download the app and register in advance of arrival at the venue. You can search for the app under HJT golf and download it to your phone. If a player is unable to access scoring via a phone a parent or other member of the playing group can accept responsibility for entering the player(s) scores which we require you to do following each hole played. At the conclusion of 18 holes we request that each player agree with their playing partners that their score in the app is correct as once it is submitted to us and posted onto our scoreboard it cannot be later amended.

A local rules briefing will be given to each player 10 minutes prior to play and these rules will also be loaded into the app. Please ensure you make your way to the 1st tee in good time and know the rules that apply or ask for clarification before play.   Caddies and electronic devices to assist with yardages are permitted during this competition.

On arrival please head immediately to the ProShop if a golf cart rental is required. Carts are priced at $20+tax. Please note that The Villages facilities are a little bit different to others we visit. Most golfers playing in The Villages use their own golf cart and this means there are fewer rental carts needed for visitors…we HAVE been allocated 25 golf carts only. We have 25 players.

The carts will be parked alongside our Registration tent by the putting green area and each cart will have a players name on it. If any player or parent of a player decides NOT to rent a cart please advise Fiona at Registration.  There will be spectators hoping to rent carts which they may or may not have available. At this stage our responsibility is to our players and rental carts will only be released to spectators once we are sure all players who want a cart get one.

Players with a valid drivers licence may rent carts to use. Alternatively younger players can ride with an adult who rents a cart. if you do choose to walk please be mindful that you will be expected to keep up with the group in front at all times. If any group falls behind we will ask you to play ready golf in order to speed up play.

Once you have arranged your cart please head to our Golfer Registration tent and check in with Fiona. This is important as we need to know you have arrived. At registration we also take this opportunity to confirm your tee time and the contact number we ask you to provide during the sign up process in case we need to contact you quickly while on the course.

Range balls will be provided for warm up prior to play. If you require additional balls to practice you can purchase tokens directly from the ProShop.

Following the conclusion of each flight group we will present medals to our winning lowest score players. We intend to do this by our Registration tent. Please show your sportsmanship towards your fellow players by giving your support at these presentations if you can and give your good wishes to our winning players.

We are extremely pleased to be bringing this competition to The Villages and we can’t wait to get started! As always if you have questions or wish to contact us please email to

If you need to contact us urgently either, on the day of, or during the competition please do so by calling 352 259-0436.

Thank you for your support and we will see you on Saturday!


 Tee Times:   


Curtis Douglas   Blue

Hunter Lewis     Gold

Jonathan Ring   Gold


EJ Maupin           Blue

Marcelo Celi        Gold

Michael Woodley  Gold


AJ Burns           Blue

Nicholas Rose  Blue

Tripp Watkins   Blue


Grady Logan          Blue

Jonathan McLeroy Blue

Trace Kirkland       Blue


Braxton Williams    White

Christopher Tatro   White

James Calabrese   White


Brady Lawler   White

Kale Fashik     White

Tyler Budill       White


Katie Allen         Green

Lila Byron          White


Abisola Byron       Green

Deya Shaktawat   Green


Brantley Flannery                 Green

Jackson Platt-Scarbrough    Green

Rhett Kirkland                       Green

1.42 – Wee Highlanders 9-hole challenge

Kenzi Kacanich

Eden Wilkins


Tee Box Legend:


Gold Tees 6428 yards       (Boys 16-18)

Blue Tees  6008 yards     (Boys 13-15)

White Tees  5434 yards     (Girls 16-18/Boys 11-12)

Green Tees  4698 yards     (Girls 15 and under/Boys 10 and under)

Wee Red Tees – Shortened yardages suitable for aged 8 and under (Wee Highlanders only)




The Claret Jug Flight:

Jonathan Ring

Tripp Watkins

Curtis Douglas


The Old Tom Morris Flight:

Hunter Lewis

Marcelo Celi

Michael Woodley

EJ Maupin

Jonathan McLeroy

Trace Kirkland

Nicholas Rose

AJ Burns


The Young Tommy Morris Flight:

Grady Logan

Kale Fashik

Tyler Budill

Chris Tatro

Brady Lawler

James Calabrese

Braxton Williams


The Bobby Jones Flight:

Jackson Platt-Scarbrough

Brantley Flannery

Rhett Kirkland


The Nancy Lopez Flight:

Lila Byron

Katie Allen

Abisola Byron

Deya Shatawat


The Wee Callum Flight:

Kenzi Kacanich

Eden Wilkins

2 Thoughts on “Player Tee times HJT at Lopez Legacy, The Villages on Saturday December 12th 2020”

  • To Who it may concern:
    Thank you for all you do for the younger golfing community.
    My grandson has had the privilege of playing in several events this Autumn.
    I am glad to be associated with such a fine organization – Highlanders.
    My wife, Karen, and I have had the privilege of being in Scotland and encountering some of the fine bovine that are your logo.

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