Black Bear Golf Club

Good evening everyone,

Individual tee times, pairings, tee yardages and flight info is now available to view below.

We will once again be scoring this competition using our dedicated (HJT golf) online player scoring app. If you do not have the app or have not used it before please download it in advance of arrival tomorrow. The HJT golf app is your official scorecard for this event. If you need any assistance with it please speak directly to Mark or Keith tomorrow before play. Paper scorecards will not be accepted by us at this event. If you choose to complete one at the same time as using the app please keep it for your own record and for safety please do not swap it or request a signature on it from any other player.

Rental carts are available in the ProShop on arrival at a cost of $20+ tax. Players with a valid drivers license can rent for their own use AND parents who are accompanying junior golfers can rent and drive a cart for their own, AND their players, use during play. This is something that sometimes gets overlooked or can be misunderstood by players and parents playing with us for the first time. At all HJT competitions we give you the choice of walking the course with bag or with pull trolley OR riding in cart.

Caddies ARE acceptable and at all times must adhere to the caddie code of conduct rules as defined by the USGA. Players who use caddies must, at all times, keep up with pace of play.

As we all know our weather right now can be unpredictable. Please be as prepared as you can with some wet weather clothing/umbrellas etc. We always pay the utmost attention to your safety on the golf course and we will group text all players/parents if it is required to shelter in place or return to the clubhouse. Weather delays can occur and in most cases we can safely recommence play. We have a weather policy in place should lengthy delays occur (see our Terms and Conditions page for full info)

We have been advised that water fountain facilities on Black Bear have been turned off due to Covid-19 precautions. Please bring plenty of water with you.

Tomorrow we will have 4 flights. A medal presentation for each flight winner will take place on the completion of each flight rather than waiting until all flights have finished. This ensures we can social distance safely in small groups. Your presence to stay after your flight is complete is encouraged as we believe it is important to support all players regardless of whether your own junior golfer wins or not.

Black Bear GC is in excellent shape and we are excited to make our first visit there and hopefully add it to our rota of regular HJT courses to visit. We are looking forward to another great day of junior golf competition and we hope everyone has a great day.

See you all at Black Bear !

Tee times, pairings, yardages and flights:



Bobby Potash    Red

Nick Zarillo       Orange




Krishny Elwin   Red

Maggie Potash   Green 




Hunter Lewis       Black

James Humphrey Black


12 30


Michael Woodley   Black

Trenton Waters        Black




Jack Panigoni         Orange

Jonathan Ring         Orange




Caleb Dearing     Black

EJ Maupin           White




AJ Burns            White

Caden Fockler     White




Elle Folland        White

Kamryn Rotz       Green      




Devin Lampe       White

Nicholas Caudill   White




Justin Wallace    Green

Kale Fashik         Green




Ayden Febres     Red

Ryker Huther      Red




Brantley Flannery    Red

Christopher Tatro     Green



Tee Box Legend:


Orange Tees  7018  Boys 16-18 in Claret Jug flight only

Black tees     6381  Boys 16-18

White            5936   Girls 16-18 Boys 13-15

Green            5362   Girls 13-15  Boys 11-12

Red               4768     Girls 12 and under Boys 10 and under







The Claret Jug 


Bobby Jones Potash

Ryker Huther

Maggie Potash

Elle Folland

Jonathan Ring 

Jack Panigoni

Nick Zarillo


The Old Tom Morris


James Humphrey

Hunter Lewis

Michael Woodley

Trenton Waters

Caleb Dearing



The Young Tommy Morris


EJ Maupin

Caden Fockler

Devin Lampe

Kamryn Rotz

Nicholas Caudill

AJ Burns 



The Bobby Jones


Justin Wallace

Kale Fashik

Chris Tatro

Krishny Elwin

Ayden Febres

Brantley Flannery

Thank you everyone for your patience. Enjoy the rest of your evening.

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