Good evening everyone.

We would like to thank you for your player entry for tomorrow’s Highlander Junior Tour competition at Mission Inn Resort. We are delighted to announce tee times, pairings, playing tee boxes and yardages.

First tee time tomorrow will be 12.00 pm. Groups will depart at 8 minute intervals. We ask that all players make their way to the tee at least 10 minutes before play for player introductions and a short local rules briefing.

This is an 18-hole stroke play event ranked by GJGR ( Global Junior Golf Rankings)

On arrival tomorrow at Mission Inn please check in with Fiona at our HJT Registration Tent which is situated by the cart rental station. Fiona will confirm your tee time and on course contact info and then direct you to your rental cart. A cart has been included for each player. Please do not remove your cart until advised to do so following check in. Additional carts are available for spectators if required. Please enquire at the ProShop on arrival.

It is essential that we have a contact number for every player out on the course for safety reasons and in the event we need to message you in case of emergency or to advise of any incoming weather issues that may force you to take temporary shelter. As the weather right now can be unpredictable please be prepared for it. Bringing wet weather gear/umbrellas are always a good idea just in case!

We will score tomorrows event using our dedicated HJT golf online scoring app. If you are attending your first HJT event please download the app by searching for HJT golf and register under the player name if using for the first time. You will be able to then search for the event and you will see that all players are already loaded in tee time format. The app is very easy to use and if you do need any assistance please speak with a member of HJT staff in advance of play tomorrow.

The app is a safe way to score competitions without the need for handling and swapping paper scorecards between players. It may already be familiar to many of you as the same app, with different branding, created by iWanamaker is what some of you already use for some FHSAA High School competitions. We do suggest that you may still wish to keep/complete a card for your own use/records but for safety and under social distancing rules we ask that you keep it for your own use and do not swap it with any other player. The paper card is useful to do a double check of scores if any discrepancies are found in the app following play but ONLY the scores you enter into the app and verified by player and scorer prior to final submission will be accepted.

IMPORTANT NOTE on SCORING: Your score is YOUR responsibility. If another member of the group you are playing with agrees to keep everyone’s scores it is still YOUR responsibility to check these scores are input correctly with him/her before they are finally submitted. Often the fastest way to check is if you have your own copy kept on a paper scorecard as a back-up.

All players will be grouped into age based flights and players will play from appropriate yardages. An HJT winner’s medal will be presented to the lowest scoring player in each flight. If necessary extra hole play-offs will be used to decide a winner and the number of holes will be advised prior to the play-off commencing. If after the agreed number has been reached if players are still tied the winning medalist will be decided by a chip-off at an agreed green side area.

Tomorrow, for the first time in 2021, we have decided to include our Claret Jug Flight which at this point is limited to the two players who will be in attendance tomorrow that have both won on 3 or more occasions this year(Nick Zarillo and Phoenix Wilson)

As each flight group finishes we will have a brief medal presentation by the main outdoor scoreboard area. Please show good golf etiquette and support the medal winners at the presentation of the flight you are competing in if you are able to stay and do so. We will plan on doing these awards outdoor (weather permitting) by the Mission Inn Scoreboard to allow for good social distancing.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to welcoming you all to this very special Highlander Junior Tour event tomorrow.

The tee times and further info are listed below. Good luck to all of our players and we hope you enjoy the Highlander Junior Tour and Mission Inn experience.


Nick Zarillo.    White

Nicholas Strickler.  White

EJ Maupin.      White


Jonathan Ring.  White

Cody Royston.    White

Micah Long.    White


Elle Folland.     Gold

Jack Panigoni. White


AJ Burns.              Green

Maxwell Frantzen.   White

Luke Wood.            Green

12 :32

Gabriel Hull.            Green

Jason Kaiser, Jr.      Green

Jonathan McLeroy.   Green


Braxton Williams.  Gold

Riley Sillaway    Gold

Tyler Budill.            Gold


Delaney Sillaway.  Red

Katie Allen.            Red

Phoenix Wilson        Gold



Tee Box Legend:

White Tees    (Boys 16-18) 6365 yards

Green Tees   (Boys 13-15) 6029 yards

Gold Tees      (Boys 11-12.) and(Girls 16-18) 5608 yards

Red Tees       (Boys 10 and under) and (Girls 15 and under) 4922 yards




The Claret Jug Flight:

Nick Zarillo

Phoenix Wilson

The Old Tom Morris Flight:

Nicholas Strickler

EJ Maupin

Jonathan Ring

Jack Panigoni

Cody Royston

Elle Folland

Maxwell Frantzen

Micah Long

The Young Tommy Morris Flight:

Luke Wood

AJ Burns

Jason Kaiser, Jr

Jonathan McLeroy

Delaney Sillaway

The Bobby Jones Flight:

Braxton Williams

Katie Allen

Riley Sillaway

Tyler Budill

Gabriel Hull

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