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Good afternoon everyone.

We would like to thank you for your player entry for tomorrow’s Highlander Junior Tour competition at Mission Inn Resort.

The registration desk for this event will close shortly and no more entries will be accepted.

For those playing in your first HJT event please be aware that we do not announce or finalize individual tee times until our registration closes and the field of players is complete. Later today we will email all players/parents (using the email address you used to register your entry) with individual tee times, pairings etc. We endeavor to get these out as quickly as we can as we know many of you may have to work out travel plans/timings. Until you get tee times please note that the earliest tee time will be 1.15pm.

On arrival tomorrow at Mission Inn please check in at our prominent Highlander Junior Tour desk by the cart rental station with Fiona who will confirm your entry, contact info etc.  Fiona will then direct you to your rental cart.

It is essential that we have a contact number for every player out on the course for safety reasons and in the event we need to message you in case of any emergency or to advise of any incoming weather issues that may force you to take shelter. As the weather right now is unpredictable please be prepared for it. Wet weather gear/umbrellas are advised JUST in case!

A golf cart per player has been allocated to you. This is part of the entry fee you paid. Additional carts are available for spectators if required at a rate of $35 + tax per cart on a first come basis. Please note Mission Inn set this rate for competition spectators and not HJT.

We will score tomorrows event using our dedicated HJT golf online scoring app. If you are attending your first HJT event please download the app by searching for HJT golf and register if using for the first time. You will be able to then search for the event and see that all players are already loaded in tee time format. The app is very easy to use and if you do need assistance please speak with a member of HJT staff in advance of play tomorrow.

The app is a safe way to score competitions without the need for handling and swapping paper scorecards between players.It may already be familiar to many of you as the same app, with different branding, created by iWanamaker is what some of you already use for all FHSAA competitions. You may still wish to complete a card for your own use/records but for safety and under social distancing rules we ask that you keep it for your own use and do not swap it with any other player. ONLY scores entered into the app and verified by player and scorer prior to final submission will be accepted.

We ask that all players make their way to the tee at least 10 minutes before play for player introductions and a short local rules briefing.

Thank you for your support of this event and we look forward to welcoming you to this Highlander JUnior Tour event tomorrow.

We will be back to you as quickly as we can later today with individual tee times and further information.

Thank You.

Keith McColl


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