Good evening everyone,

The tee times and pairings for tomorrow are listed below. They have also now been loaded into our live scoring app (HJT golf)

Tomorrow we will be adding an additional flight to our regular 3 flights; Old Tom Morris Flight , Young Tommy Morris Flight, Bobby Jones Flight. Tomorrow we will launch our Claret Jug Flight which will be for our players who have succesfully won 3 or more Highlander Tour Events. We hope that this proves an exciting challenge for those players who are in this new flight and also provides an added challenge and incentive to many of our other competing players who now have an additional incentive to join them in this flight.

On arrival at Sanctuary Ridge please come to our check in desk. Fiona will be there from 11am to welcome you. Golf cart rentals (if required) can be rented at the Pro-Shop. Please make your way to the first tee at least 10 minutes before your tee time.

We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow for another great day of Junior Golf.




Nick Zarillo      Gold

EJ Maupin         Blue




Caden Fockler      Blue

Quinton Barnhill  Blue




Elle Folland      White

Jonathan Ring   Gold




Hunter Lewis     Gold

Jack Panigoni    Gold




Devin Lampe        Blue

Ethan Weber         Blue

Kaden Wrisner      Blue




Braxton Williams   Green

Cash Luck             White

Chris Tatro            Green




Mieke Palmer    Green

Abby Henne      Green

Anyalis Otero    Green





Julian Barron       Wee Tee

Carson Luck        Wee Tee




Nathan Mehrlich     Wee Tee

Nevaeh Driscoll      Wee Tee

Preston Shearer       Wee Tee



Tee Box Legend


Black 7005

Gold 6581

Blue  6143

White 5695

Green 5035



The Claret Jug Flight


Nick Zarillo

Jack Panigoni

Quinton Barnhill



Old Tom Morris Flight


Elle Folland

Hunter Lewis

Jonathan Ring


Young Tommy Morris Flight


Caden Fockler

Kaden Wrisner

EJ Maupin

Ethan Weber

Devin Lampe

Mieke Palmer



Bobby Jones Flight


Anyalis Otero

Abby Henne

Cash Luck

Chris Tatro

Braxton Williams



Wee Callum Flight


Carson Luck

Julian Barron

Nevaeh Driscoll

Preston Shearer

Nathan Mehrlich   


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