As many of you know our Highlander Junior Tour competition last week results were already posted. At the time we were sorry to have missed the opportunity to present any images of our winner in our Young Tommy Morris Flight.

Below please see a reminder of that flight and the scores that were posted.

Congratulations AJ..good job!

We are delighted to announce that on our return to Eagle Ridge GC this week we caught up with our winner AJ Burns, and dad Steve, and we took the opportunity to congratulate him and present AJ with his well deserved Highlander Junior Tour medal…AND grab a picture too!

AJ with medal. Good job!

AJ and his family have been strong supporters of our tour since the beginning. We have watched him change (not least of all in height, build and stature!!!) over the past year and we are delighted to recognize his achievements in golf.

AJ has all the attributes to be a fine player of our great game, he is an intelligent, humble and mannerly young man who works really hard to improve every time he plays with us. Part of the learning process for any young player in golf is learning that not every shot is going to come off perfect and AJ has already shown on a number of occasions that he has the ability and attitude to come back from a setback and keep on working hard on making the best final score he can, THAT is a great attribute to have in golf!

It is a pleasure for all of us at HJT to be a part of your golf journey AJ, Congratulations on this one from us all and we look forward to seeing many more of them in future.

A final note on this one, thank you and well done dad (Steve) too for your support of HJT, for bringing him along to competitions and for using your experience in teaching AJ to play the game “the right way!”

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