Yesterday we hosted our 7th Wee Highlander 6- Hole Fun Challenge Competition at Eagle Ridge GC in Summefield.

These events are specifically for our youngest developing golfers (Aged 8 and under) We hope through participation in a competitive (but FUN) environment at great golf venues helps these young, talented golfers develop confidence and experience of play.

We play 6 holes of stroke play golf over a shortened distance course with tees placed in positions that will make achieving a score challenging but achievable for our Wee Highlanders. Greens are full size and we emphasise that the USGA rules of golf apply and that all players and supporters should extend support and courtesy to all participants at all times.

Our players at Eagle Ridge were:

Previous Wee Highlander winner Koen Huther aged 5 and, making her debut in her first ever golf competition, Kenzi Kacanich aged 7.

After a brief rain delay we finally made our way to the first Wee Highlander tee where the players had the opportunity to be introduced before taking their first shot of the day. Koen has a well rehearsed pre-shot routine where his caddy (Dad) gives some simple advice on the shot ahead and he then carries out the instruction. It works very well for him and as expected his tee shot was straight and down the middle.

On first arrival at Eagle Ridge Kenzi had looked a little nervous! This is perfectly understandable as she had little idea what to expect in her first competition. It took no more than a few minutes and an equally straight and impressive tee shot to lose those pre-tournament nerves, just like Koen all it took was a little pre-shot advice from watching parents and the competition was underway.

Those lucky enough to witness what happened next (including Fiona from Highlander and Coach Greg Curtis)  are still struggling to remove the wide smiles as this turned into a great day of golf AND a whole lot of fun for everyone involved. We really do hope the players enjoyed it as much as they appeared to as each of them took shot after shot and seldom missed the point they were aiming for!

Despite their early years both of these young players are already showing they are talented and that they enjoy playing our great game…its FUN for them and they are of an age where a bad shot can be easily shrugged off, exactly as it should be! All that’s required now is for everyone to do their best to ensure they remain that way for the remainder of their golfing years as they will undoubtedly continue to improve.

After 6 holes of golf they could NOT be seperated by a single shot….both were driving the ball well from the tee, Kenzi was putting slightly better but Koen was unmatched when it came to chipping and pitching from off the green.

Our first ever Wee Highlander sudden death play-off was required as everyone made their way back to play number 6 once again….and guess what? They tied the play-off hole too!! Talk about drama…this was one the Golf Channel should have been covering!

Back at the clubhouse and the scores were counted. After 6 holes each player had shot a 33…very impressive scoring indeed and worthy of winning any 6 hole junior tournament.

Under such circumstances we felt on this occasion the right thing to do was reward BOTH players with an exclusive Wee Highlander winners medal. Well done Kenzi and Koen for competing so well and for entertaining the supporters the way you did!

Well played Kenzi and Koen.
Our Wee Highlander Winners.


That’s it for another Wee Highlander. We hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we did. Our next Wee Highlander is going to be at Eagle Ridge GC when we return there in two weeks time. Saturday August 1st at 1.30pm. If you want to attend that one you can register using the link HERE

Thanks again everyone who attended and thank you for supporting what we do. We very much appreciate it.


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