Monarch Golf Club

At Royal Highlands


Good afternoon, everyone. Please find below a full listing of tomorrow’s tee times, pairings, yardages and flight info by player.

We are really looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow for what promises to be another great day of golf competition. Full venue and address details for tomorrow’s venue are available by clicking HERE

We are sure that by now everyone is very much aware that tomorrow is shaping up to be a cold day when compared to our normal Florida playing conditions. We have been asked a few times this week already if we were planning to reschedule this one and we believe we are making the correct decision in going ahead and playing.

We do consider ourselves a junior golf development tour and at some stage all of our players will likely be asked, and be expected, to compete in conditions potentially far worse than we expect tomorrow. On that basis we believe tomorrow will be an opportunity for you to deal with these changing conditions and pay close attention to how you may need to adapt your approach and your game to suit.

Be prepared for the chill factor! Pack plenty of loose layers of clothing, there is no harm in packing too much and keep your hands warm, we will have handwarmers for players if you need them (that’s NOT something I ever expected to write!!) Play fast and be even more mindful of others in groups behind you please! Slow play tomorrow is not an option for any of us and, if necessary, we will request you catch up quickly with the group ahead should any gaps develop.

ALL scoring tomorrow will be via our online scoring app. If you are joining us for the first time tomorrow, please search in your phone’s app store for “iWanamaker golf” and download it. You will need to register using the PLAYER’s NAME if using for the first time and the players, or your own email address for access. You can then search for our event by date and you will find all of the pairings will have been pre-loaded. The app looks like this:

Recording a player score is a simple process once you begin play however, please talk to a member of staff tomorrow if you need any assistance…and don’t forget to charge your phone!

Please note that using the app for scoring is a condition of this competition and no other form of scoring is acceptable. If you need help with the app prior to play, please ask in advance of play commencing.

Tomorrow we will also operate a nearest-the-pin competition on number 8. The recording of this competition will also be done via the app. When you reach number 8 you will see in the app the banner on the screen showing “Contest”. Please measure the closest shot in each player group and log the info into the app by following the instructions.

On arrival at The Monarch at Royal Highlands please head to the marked “Golfer Registration” area by the putting green and register your arrival with Fiona. Registration will open from 10.45 am.

Fiona will confirm your tee time and issue information regarding range balls and golf cart, if required. Please note golf cart rental cost for this event is $15 plus tax.

Players can, if they wish, choose to walk or ride during this event. If you choose to walk, please be VERY mindful of tomorrow’s conditions and maintain a brisk pace of play at all times.

Please note caddies and electronic range finders are permitted for use during this event.

Please make your way to the 1st tee no later than 10 minutes before your tee time to allow for a short local rule briefing and introduction to your playing partner(s)

Following play, we will present flight winner medals in the area posted with “award presentation” signage. We do always try to keep these award recognition ceremonies as brief as we can as we know many of you have travelled some way to be at our event but we, and our players, do very much appreciate when fellow players and parents wait after play and take the time to attend and show your support and good sportsmanship to our medalists whenever it is possible for you to do so.

We very much look forward to seeing you all tomorrow. Please note our contact number if you need to contact us at any point before play tomorrow is 716 436 8691 or email to


Player tee times, pairings and tee box color:


***Please note that The Monarch is a challenging and relatively short distance venue. Tee boxes we have allocated are based on player age however should ANY player wish to move to longer yardage tees, with the exception of those already on Black Tees, we will be happy to accommodate this request which MUST be made prior to play***



Maxwell Frantzen- BLACK

Jarrett Darus- BLACK

Curtis Douglas-BLACK



Will Giger-BLACK

Conner Brown-BLACK

Jason Kaiser Jr.-GOLD



Zachary Phan- GOLD

Grady Logan – GOLD

Delaney Sillaway – GREEN



Tyler Budill – GOLD

Riley Sillaway – GREEN

Aiden Skrocki – GREEN



James Buckelew – GREEN

Colton Young – GREEN

Zachary Schlicher -GREEN



Christopher Wallace-GRAY

Herschel Butts – GRAY

Rhett Kirkland-GRAY



Tee Box Legend


Black 6008.

Gold 5493.

Green 5145.

Gray 4247.


The Player Flights


The Old Course Flight:


Delaney Sillaway

Maxwell Frantzen

Will Giger

Jason Kaiser Jr.

Jarrett Darus

Curtis Douglas

Conner Brown

The Augusta National Flight


Riley Sillaway

Zach Phan

Tyler Budill

Grady Logan

Zachary Schlicher

James Buckelew

Colton Young

The Pebble Beach Flight


Aiden Skrocki

Rhett Kirkland

Herschel Butts

Christopher Wallace

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