If you’ve reached this page and things look a little DIFFERENT to what you expected, let me explain!

The ONLY constant in life is CHANGE, or so the old line goes, and in this case it’s definitely true!

After two, interesting and exciting years, we feel the time is now right to give Hamish, our Highlander Cow a short break from the fairways and tees and change things up a little with some additional new branding, some new tournament ideas and venues and a fresh approach to the fast-approaching Junior Golf Season ahead that’s now only a couple of weeks ahead of us.

Very soon we will be announcing our first quarter of 2022 venue and tournament schedule and making these available to book on our revamped website. Please rest assured though that while changes may like this may sometimes become necessary our main focus and our goals remain exactly as before. These are summed up in our abbreviated Mission Statement below:

To create a supportive and welcoming environment to ALL junior golfers and provide them opportunities to play and compete in family-affordable, ranked junior tournament events at great venues.  

When we took the opportunity to think about where we are after last season’s 40 days of golf tournaments we thought about the things that we think make us unique, and hopefully enjoyable, to both players and families too! Our Highlander Cow image is ALWAYS going to be a part of us and our junior tour, we chose that image at the time as it reflects well, and in a fun way, not only our own, but also our great sport’s birthplace in Scotland more than 600 years ago.

Moving forward though we think there are one or two other little things that make us who we are and with that in mind I’d like to introduce you all to, The Claret Junior Tour.

With Bagpipes and that wonderful and unique Claret Jug trophy sharing the limelight together we hope you like this new identity as much as we do! Thank you to Greg and Beverley Wise, who many of you know already, as our great friends and the professional photography team you see at our Major tournaments for designing this new logo for us.

For those of you recently at Glenview Champions in The Villages with us for our Claret Jug Event check out the image of our new Champion Golfer of 2021 (Bella Dovhey) on the right.

By way of thanks to you, for a being a part of that wonderful event, we will shortly be sending each of you who attended your very own, personalized and named, image of your golfer in a hi-res format that can be downloaded and printed, at home, or do it the easy way and use your friendly Walgreens or CVS. Merry Christmas and we hope you enjoy these great images!

So that’s our news, or at least that’s the important bit! We have SO much more to share which we will do over the next couple of weeks as we start preparing for our first 2022 event on Saturday January 8th, 2022. It’s going to be another exciting year of golf and player development for us all!

One final note which is especially aimed at our much younger golfers, Hamish the Highlander Cow is merely resting up!  He will return over the new season, he’s a big part of us and part of our golfing journey together!


Have a Wonderful family Christmas everyone and thank you all for your incredible support and participation in our 2021 tournaments!

The Claret Junior Tour looks forward to welcoming you all back to golf in January 2022.

Keith and Fiona McColl.



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