If you are a junior golfer who knows us already, perhaps from attending any of our previous Highlander Junior Tour competition events, you may know that our approach to junior golf is a little bit different to many other junior golf tours?

From our unusual branding, using Hamish the Highlander Cow (note he’s STILL around!) to our unique approach of promoting regular medal winners into their own elite player flight in order to keep things competitive and fun for all players of all abilities. Those are just a couple of things that make us a wee bit different!

With the experiences of the last two years behind us, it’s now time to move forward and we want to do so by continuing to follow our own unique path.

To start with we REALLY don’t think it’s a requirement that ALL junior tours follow the same rigid format when it’s time to compete and we believe that it’s our role to do everything in our power to ensure our tournament events are welcoming, challenging, and fun to compete in! When we first launched in 2019, we communicated to you our vision of what we hoped to achieve. That vision became our Mission Statement and it’s every bit as relevant today, as we head into a new year and a new junior golf season, as it was back then!

Our Mission Statement:

Providing regular opportunities for Florida’s junior golfers to learn and improve through playing ranked and family-affordable competitive golf at great venues.

We believe that, in general, we are achieving most of what we set out to do! We play regularly, in 2021 we hosted 40 tournament days of golf, significantly more than any other junior tour in Florida, AND we have numerous success stories of junior golfers who are both learning and improving through tournament play. All tournaments are ranked by GJGR (Global Junior Golf Rankings and/or JGS (Junior Golf Scoreboard) AND in the last year alone, we added no fewer than 8 wonderful new venues for our players to experience.

Based on the above it certainly looks like we are achieving our goals however there is one KEY area, that of affordability, where we believe we can now do even better! As you know we often make reference to the fact that we believe we are already more affordable than most, if not all, other junior tours in our State. We have worked hard to wisely choose where we play, and we will NOT play a venue where we feel the price being offered to us does not represent good value for money.

We know how important tournament entry costs are to you all, and so recently, we undertook our own in-house study in order to see if there were ways that we could find of making our products even more attractive to all while still providing our players with lots of opportunities to compete. We believe that what we have come up with does that! It’s unique, it’s exciting and we can’t wait to tell you all about it!

The Claret Junior Tour will give EVERY one of our junior players FREE TOURNAMENT GOLF entries in season 2022! 

As mentioned before, we are fully committed to doing everything we can to attract, and keep, as many junior players as we can playing regular tournament golf while developing and enjoying the greatest game of them all for life.

In an unprecedented and unique show of our commitment, to be affordable to all golf interest families, and beginning immediately at our first tournament event of 2022, (Harbor Hills Country Club on Saturday January 8th, 2022) we will launch The FREE Tournament Golf entry program. The details and requirements are as follows.

ALL Highlander Junior Tour existing annual membership players and ALL players holding Claret Junior Tour annual membership, who sign up to play in any of our 2022 season tournament events, will receive from us a FREE Tournament Golf ENTRY PROGRAM future credit EVERY time they play in an event and that credit can then be used to pay, in full, for a future tournament entry. Each time we issue a credit to you it will be valid for 90 days from date of issue.

As tournament venues can differ, and entry fees can range in price quite significantly too, we do want to make this unique cost saving program as easy to follow as possible. Therefore, with immediate effect, all existing and future tournaments we operate will now show, on our website, and in all promotional materials, emails out etc. as either a BLUE, RED or WHITE Tournament. Each tournament color will require between 1 and 3 of your credits to gain you a FREE player entry.




For example, if we look at a few of our current regular tournament venues, Eagle Ridge GC would be classed as a BLUE – 1 CREDIT venue so by playing only once with us, and receiving one credit, you can then play Eagle Ridge GC for FREE.

RED – 2 CREDIT venue(s) examples would be The Monarch at Royal Highlands or Dubsdread GC which would require two credits so play twice and use your credits for FREE entry into our tournament at any future RED venue

WHITE – 3 CREDIT venues would typically represent our highest entry fee venues, Mission Inn for Example would require 3 credits for a FREE entry.

We believe the above has great potential to help us grow as a junior tour by attracting and keeping more young players playing more regularly than ever before.   We also hope YOU can see the potential to now save significantly on junior tournament entry fees through the use of this unique program where, the more you play, the more you can save throughout the season!

We don’t think this has been done before and we are excited to get started giving you FREE golf!

It is not our plan to be overly restrictive when it comes to the rules of this program as we wish to make it as easy as possible to administer and to follow.

The FREE Tournament Golf ENTRY PROGRAM (Terms and Conditions):

1. The FREE Tournament Golf ENTRY PROGRAM will award EVERY junior competition player, who holds current annual player membership status, of HJT or Claret Junior Tour with 1 (one) program CREDIT following his/her participation in each of our 2022 junior tour events.

2.All credits issued will be valid for 90 days from date of issue.

3.Where possible, identify and register your player for your chosen The FREE Tournament Golf ENTRY PROGRAM event(s) as far in advance as you can to guarantee your free entry. Please note that we will accept a maximum of 15 players, registered on a first come basis, using these FREE Tournament Golf ENTRY PROGRAM credits at each of our future tournament events.

4. The FREE Tournament Golf ENTRY PROGRAM credits will cover the full cost of playing in your chosen tournament golf event and provide range balls at each venue. Cart rentals, if required, are not included and the cost of rental can be advised by us at time of confirming your FREE Tournament Golf ENTRY. 

5. A full listing FREE Tournament Golf ENTRY PROGRAM award players will be maintained by us and updated after each event. Please contact us on info@claretjuggolftour.com if you wish to receive reminder of how many credits you have collected and if you have questions relating to the use of credits collected.

6.In the event that you have already made future arrangements, and made payment, to play in any of our upcoming events we will extend the validity of The FREE Tournament Golf ENTRY PROGRAM credits you will earn to 90 days AFTER the final event you have signed up for.

7.Any questions you have relating to The FREE Tournament Golf ENTRY PROGRAM credits should be sent to us at info@claretjuggolftour.com




Thank you all for your support of our tournaments and your commitment to growing golf at junior level. We look forward to seeing you all soon. Have a VERY Happy New Year from Fiona and I.

Ready to play ? Harbor Hills this weekend is almost full with only a few player spaces remaining. Register now to guarantee a place on the tee! If you can’t make this one check out our upcoming events which we are adding to as fast as we can!

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