Good evening everyone,

Tomorrow’s field for practice rounds at Glenview Champions is now complete and the player listing of individual tee times, yardages and pairings are attached. Please note the yardages are those you will play next week in the TCL Junior Open Championship Tournament. We will have a staff member on hand tomorrow on the first tee should you have any questions.

Please note that we will not be out on the course with water tomorrow so please bring some! There are also water refill stations on the course at various points.

On arrival, if you require a golf cart rental please get one from the rental station in the parking lot and then make your way to the ProShop to pay for it. Rental carts are $20 plus tax. Sharing between players is permitted if you wish. No more than two players in a cart please at all times. Range balls will be available prior to play and instructions will be issued when you arrive. Please advise ProShop staff you are playing in our Practice Event and give them your tee time.

There is no official scoring tomorrow. These are practice rounds in order for you to get to know the course and gain the benefit of playing in similar conditions expected in next week’s tournaments. Therefore it is up to you, if you wish, to keep your own score. Score cards are in golf carts and available at the first tee.

We are hopeful there will be very little play behind us tomorrow. If that is the case we are happy for you to play more than one ball on occasion and re-putt as long as you feel you have the time to do so. Please be sensible about when you choose to do so and respectful to each other by ensuring you are still keeping a steady pace of play at all times and not holding up the group behind at any stage.

If the group behind are playing quickly and constantly waiting on your group please observe normal golf etiquette, step aside and allow them to play through your group before rejoining play.

When you are finished playing your practice round please move quickly off the golf course, return your cart as soon as possible and head for home. Good luck everyone and enjoy your practice round.

Tee times, pairings, yardages etc. are all listed below. Enjoy the rest of your evening and we look forward to seeing you all tomorrow. Please note our contact number if you need to get in touch before play tomorrow, Call Keith on :716 436 8691.



Practice Round Game 1@ 12.36 pm

Course Rotation : Stirrup Cup front 9 followed by Talley Ho back 9

Bradley Parker – GOLD Tees

Erick Hendrickson – GOLD Tees


Practice Round Game 2 @ 12.44 pm

Course Rotation : Stirrup Cup front 9 followed by Talley Ho back 9

Trace Kirkland – GOLD Tees

AJ Burns – GOLD Tees

Grady Logan – GOLD Tees


Practice Round Game 3 @ 12.52 pm

Course Rotation : Stirrup Cup front 9 followed by Talley Ho back 9

Maxwell Frantzen – GOLD Tees

Tyler Budill – BLUE Tees

Katie Yang- WHITE Tees


Practice Round Game 4 @ 1.00 pm

Course Rotation : Stirrup Cup front 9 followed by Talley Ho back 9

Rhett Kirkland- GREEN Tees

Reagan Smith – GREEN Tees



GOLD @ 6656

BLUE @ 6198

WHITE @ 5577

GREEN @ 4942

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