An important  message to our players/parents: 

Thank you for supporting Highlander Junior Tour and attending our junior golf competitions. We recently noticed that you are NOT yet an HJT Member player and we would like to remind you of some of the reasons why you may wish to consider joining.

When we formed HJT one of our biggest aims was to work hard to ensure we could bring you a great product at an affordable entry price. As we approach our first year we believe this has been achieved. We now have a good mix of venues we play throughout the year where entry fees can often be as low as only $25 for our Member players and while we are constantly looking to add new venues and enhance the experience we do not intend losing sight of how important entry fee costs are to you.

Membership purchased in 2020 currently costs $50 per player and lasts a full 12 months from the date of purchase.

Becoming a member benefits both of us. In the first instance it contributes in helping us keep our entry fees at an acceptable level. In return and at EVERY competition we host we offer you a Member price entry fee which will always be at least $10 less than our Non-Member price. This means that after only attending 5 HJT events you have already covered your Membership cost. Assuming you then continue to attend our competitions you will continue to make savings of at least $10 on each competition you attend and these savings can add up to several hundred $$$’s if you are with us regularly.

In 2020 so far we have hosted more than 30 competitions. In 2021 we expect to operate at least the same number, if not more, as we hope to expand our competition venues and keep bringing you exciting and challenging new places to play with our junior players.

There are other benefits to becoming an HJT member. Earlier this year we hosted our first Member-Only competition, which was a huge success, and this is something we expect to do again in 2021. On occasion during this year we have quickly sold out of our tee time allocations at several venues. In future we do want to ensure that we can offer a fair way of including our most loyal players and it is our intention going forward to promote these opportunities to our members before marketing to our general database.

Finally, and as we seem to be rapidly approaching the end of a crazy 2020 we will shortly announce the venue(s) for our HJT-Champion Golfer of the Year event where one lucky young golfer will take home, and keep, our wonderful Claret Jug Trophy. The only conditions we placed upon entry at the beginning of the year were very simple and are:

1.The Claret Jug can only be won by an HJT Member player who has played in 8 HJT competitions or more.

Thank you again for your support of what we do. We really do appreciate your attendance at our events and we hope that you will consider becoming an HJT Member and start enjoying the savings and benefits we can provide to you over the next 12 months of Membership.

The link to purchase HJT Membership can be reached by clicking HERE

If you do have questions not covered above please do not hesitate to email


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