Good evening everyone,

Below you will find individual tee times for tomorrow’s competition at Eagle Ridge. We will commence play at 12.28 on number 1 of The Champions Course and our back 9 tomorrow will be on The Masters Course.

Please check in on arrival with Fiona from HJT at our Welcome Desk which will be in our usual spot directly behind the Pro-Shop. Range tokens will be issued via Fiona from there.

Carts are available via the ProShop for players with a valid drivers licence or parents accompanying younger players. Cost is $20 plus tax. Please note at all HJT competitions we are happy for players to use carts either by driving themselves(with a valid drivers licence) OR if with a parent or guardian alongside them.

Please note caddies are allowed at all HJT events. Caddies MUST comply with USGA caddie rules and pace of play MUST be observed. If your group falls behind play we will request you play “Ready Golf” in order to keep pace with the group in front.

As always this competition will be ranked by GJGR. (Global Junior Golf Rankings) and scoring will be via our dedicated online scoring app which can be downloaded from your online app store by searching for HJT golf.

Scoring will only be accepted via the online app. We do NOT use paper scorecards for (Covid-19) safety reasons. Once registered you can search for tomorrow’s competition where you will find the full list of players and tee times pre-loaded. Scoring via the app is a simple process but if you do need any assistance with it please ask prior to play and we will be happy to help.

Please make your way to the 1st tee of Champions Course at least 10 minutes before play where we will provide a short briefing to players on any local rules that may apply. Please be aware that Eagle Ridge on-course water coolers are still not in use so please bring water with you and ensure you keep hydrated at all times.

Following play we will conduct a brief awards ceremony (Flight by Flight and as they finish play) by our Welcome Desk area. While we do not wish to suggest we gather as a large group we do like our players and parents to show their best golf sportsmanship and etiquette and be there, if possible, to show your support for our winning players.

We do have a strong field of players tomorrow and we hope everyone has a great day. Good luck everyone!

We very much look forward to seeing you all at Eagle Ridge.

Enjoy the rest of your evening.


Individual Tee times, Pairings, Tee box yardages and Flights:



Caleb Dearing     Gold Tees

Cody Royston      Gold Tees

Jonathan Ring      Gold Tees


Anthony Filone   Gold Tees

Curtis Douglas   Gold Tees

Elle Folland       White Tees


AJ Burns   Blue Tees

EJ Maupin  Blue Tees

Maxwell Frantzen   Blue Tees


Jason Kaiser Jr   Blue Tees

Jonathan McLeroy  Blue Tees


Braxton Williams   White Tees

Brock Jones   Blue Tees


Bobby Jones Potash    Red Tees

Brantley Flannery   Red Tees


Tyler Budill    White Tees

Cole Signoretti   Blue Tees


Deya Shaktawat Red Tees

Katie Allen  Red Tees


Kenzi Kacanich    Wee Tees

Eden Wilkins        Wee Tees

Tee Assignment Legend:

Gold Tees       6450     Boys 16-18

Blue Tees       5965      Boys 13-15

White Tees     5476     Boys 11-12       Girls 16-18

Red Tees        4575      Boys 10 and under  Girls 15 and under

Wee Tees        N/A      Girls/Boys 8 and under





The Claret Jug Flight

Elle Folland

Bobby Jones Potash

Jonathan Ring

Curtis Douglas

Old Tom Morris Flight

Caleb Dearing

Cody Royston

EJ Maupin

Maxwell Frantzen

Anthony Filone

Brock Jones

Young Tommy Morris Flight

AJ Burns

Jason Kaiser, Jr

Jonathan McLeroy

The Bobby Jones Flight

Braxton Williams

Katie Allen

Deya Shaktawat

Brantley Flannery

Cole Signoretti

Tyler Budill

The Wee Callum Flight

Kenzi Kacanich

Eden Wilkins


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