Competition Results from Summerglen Golf Club on Saturday 15th February 2020.

Another wonderful day of fun and competitive golf as The Highlander Junior Tour players tee’d it up once again.
Thank you to Brian Shelton and the team at Summerglen Golf Club for once again making us feel so very welcome at this venue. We appreciate your commitment to Junior Golf Development and for finding tee times for us to play at such a busy time of the year for you. On behalf of our players, parents and everyone at The Highlander Tour we appreciate your support.

So, to the day itself. We started the day with fantastic weather conditions for golf despite the fact that the increasing strength wind was never that far away…scoring well would be challenging today for all of our players..or so we thought !!!!

As usual on Saturday we had a good turnout of regular participants who have been with us from the start of The Highlander and pleasingly we always seem to be able to welcome one or two new faces to their first event with us, this time around we welcomed Justin Wallace (12) for the first time.

We hope you and your family had an enjoyable day Justin and we really look forward to seeing you compete on our Tour regularly.

It’s always interesting to take a step back before play begins at each competition to look at our overall field of junior players, their ages and their experiences in golf to date and to note which stage of their development they are all at.

One thing has become abundantly clear to us and that’s how lucky we are to have such a diverse and talented group of junior players who come out to play with us. Regardless of individual scoring on any given day it’s very clear to see how much they love to play our great game and how hard they battle each time out to improve.

We all know winning is great in golf but it only ever comes through hard work, perseverance and having the resilience of character to continually bounce back from just coming up short! We are very proud of all of you for challenging yourself and showing us what you are made of !

A big part of player development at every level sometimes goes without a mention and that’s what each competitor can learn from watching and playing with others during competition. You get better playing with and being around better players and that brings us back nicely to the quality of the players in our field on Saturday.

No fewer than 5 of our older players (Boys and Girls) have each represented their High School at State Championship Level, and most if not all of them on more than one occasion! These players are our most highly experienced competitors and they each represent great role models for our youngest players.

As if that’s not enough we are also extremely proud to boast that our mid age range flights often bring some of the State’s most highly rated and ranked developing golf talent to play on The Highlander Tour. This group is developing fast, always wonderful to watch and clearly shows the future of our great game is going to be in good hands if these players do choose to try to make a career in the game at a later stage.

Our youngest players are usually the 8-12’s and for many this is where the real fun in golf lies! This is a real mixed group of girls and boys who just love playing the game, some play to win and some just to play and at this stage we think that’s exactly how it should be!

Some are intent on posting a good score and others just like to be part of a game that represents a fun challenge for them…we hope they will all play the game for life. Clearly though even in this group there are already some who can impress us all with low scores and a winning mentality.If they continue to practice and compete this will no doubt see them become exceptional young golfers over the next few years !

We point out the above facts in the hope that you as a player or a parent realise that we take what we do seriously. We admire you for giving up family time to bring players to play with us and we hope you will continue to do so. We welcome your feedback on what we do and we’d love to hear from you as we do want to keep improving the product we provide.

If you are a parent of a junior golfer and you are considering bringing them along to an event we host it’s important to us that you know what to expect, what we stand for and what you and your junior golfer can learn and how they can benefit from the experience.

The Results.

Flight 1 – The Old Tom Morris

Champion- Nick Zarillo (73)

What a tremendous battle this was between Nick and Jack Panigoni ! An exceptional up and down match between two highly talented young players. It went all the way down 18 before Nick confirmed the win by a stroke. Well done to you both and Congratulations Nick from us all !

Well played Nick !

Flight 2 – The Young Tommy Morris

Champion – Bella Dovhey (74)

It was all about the girls in this flight ! Great scoring and tremendous battling from each of these young ladies throughout the day. All three are really experienced junior golf competitors and it showed. When the scores were added Bella took the medal for her second Highlander Tour win with a really impressive 74 ! Well done to Maggie and Elle too for keeping it close and posting those numbers ! Congratulations Bella from us all !

Flight 3 – The Bobby Jones

Winner – Bobby Jones Potash (85)

For the second time wee Bobby took home a Highlander Junior Tour medal! An extremely impressive score from a very talented young man who promptly took his medal off and hung it around his “caddie” ( Mike Dovhey) neck in thanks! That’s a lesson to many of us right there from an 8 year old on how the game of golf teaches us to be better people!
Congratulations Bobby from us all !

There can be only one.

Next up : Saturday February 29th – Harbor Hills at Lady Lake. Registration is open now at

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