Highlander Junior Tour News and Results from Saturday’s Competition held at the highly impressive Country Club of Ocala.

It was another very strong field of talented and courageous junior players who joined us yesterday. The sun shone brightly over a really challenging golf course that was never going to give up par easily. Throw in a little wind too and it became clear that taking one of our exclusive Highlander Tour winners medals home was going to require something special.

Our competing players were once again split by age into our usual 3 flights named after our favorite, legendary 3 historic golf icons : Old Tom Morris, Young Tommy Morris and Bobby Jones.

Another pleasing aspect from yesterday was we had the opportunity to welcome a number of new players and parents experiencing their first Highlander Junior Tour event. We really hope you enjoyed the experience and we look forward to welcoming you back next time if you did !

Our junior players yesterday ranged in age from only 8 all the way to 17. The most difficult part for us is always trying to ensure we can provide every player with a fair and competitive challenge based on age and experience. We think that the overall results our players returned show that we got this right.

As far as the results go these are as follows:

Flight 1 – The Bobby Jones (age 12 and Unders)

Our youngest group of players and yesterday we welcomed two new first time Highlander Tour players. Deya Shaktawat and Bella Dovhey.

Winner : Bella Dovhey (78)
Bella made her debut with us in real style in Ocala. She is already proving to be an extremely talented developing young golfer with strong tournament experience . We really do look forward to watching this young lady develop her skills even further in the future. Congratulations Bella. It was a pleasure to have you playing with us.

Congratulations Bella.

Flight 2 – The Young Tommy Morris (age 13/15 )
Our mid age group and once again we were delighted to welcome 3 new competitors playing their first Highlander Tour event. Welcome to Abigail Henne, Devin Lampe and EJ Maupin.

Winner: Maggie Potash (74)
A really impressive display of golf and returning the lowest score of the day Maggie continues to develop into a really impressive, focused and hard working competitor. It was a pleasure to watch some of Maggie’s battling golf yesterday. A most worthy winner. Congratulations Maggie. Well played.

Congratulations Maggie

Flight 3 – The Old Tom Morris ( age 16/17 )
Our oldest group of regular junior competitors were also joined by some new faces playing their first Highlander event. Welcome to Hunter Lewis, Marcelo Celi and Nick Zarillo.
Winner – Nick Zarillo (79)
First time Highlander Tour player Nick played some impressive golf yesterday to take the medal. His preference to walk the course during play rather than ride adds another unique touch to his game and it clearly works. Nick’s an experienced junior competition player who works hard to get the very best results from his game when competing. We hope to see much more of this talented young player in future.
Congratulations Nick. What a debut !

Congratulations Nick.

So that’s it folks. Another great Highlander event at another exceptional venue. Thank you Travis Daniels and Country Club of Ocala, Thank you David and Jonathan Ring and Golf Cutlery Gifts for your generosity in sponsoring this event and thank you parents, friends and spectators.

Last of all but most important a huge Thank You to all of our young players for challenging yourselves in golf competition. We support and admire you all as you learn the game and the lessons in life it will give you in return.

The most unique prize in golf !

Next event: Saturday 15th February at Summerglen Golf Club , Ocala . Registration is open now.

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