Saturday was another great day watching a strong field of junior golfers compete in the latest Highlander Junior Tour competition at Summerglen Golf Club in Ocala, Florida.

We saw 3 flights of boys and girls battle against a testing course for the medals and scoring overall was very impressive indeed! We also welcomed a couple of new players to our Tour yesterday and the quality of each was there for all to see with one posting an impressive debut score and the other taking home her first Highlander Tour medal.

Thanks first to all of our players, parents and spectators for joining us once again. We are extremely lucky and very proud to be in a position to host these events and enjoy watching such an enthusiastic and talented group of young players enjoying playing our wonderful game the right way.

It’s no coincidence then when we see that the adults who attend these events are often every bit as encouraging and supportive of other players as they are with their own. We know of no other sport that demonstrates this sense of fair play and respect towards other competing players as well as golf does.

The results:

The Bobby Jones Flight:
Champion – Katie Allen

Katie was participating in her first Highlander Tour event and she has begun by securing herself a winners medal. This was a well fought match up between two very talented junior players that was a joy to watch at times. Congratulations Katie ..what a debut that was !
Runner up Aiden Skrocki is another we really enjoy watching every time he plays. His enthusiasm for playing golf is infectious and we predict a big future in golf for this young man. Good job Aiden!

The Tommy Morris Flight:
Champion – Nicky Riscica (78)

Nicky is no stranger to competition golf and we are happy to say a regular player on The Highlander Junior Tour. At times yesterday his game was exceptional and he displays a cool temperament under pressure too. Competition in this flight was really tough yesterday and when the final scores were in Nicky took the winners medal by a single stroke. Congratulations Nicky Riscica very well played!

Runner up Maggie Potash (79) also made her Highlander Tour debut yesterday and what a fine debut it was! Maggie is a very exciting young player who has already shown that she can compete at a very high level and return a very impressive scorecard. Well done Maggie on your performance yesterday ..your early recorded score made Nicky and the rest of your flight realise just how hard they would have to work to win this one !

The Old Tom Morris Flight:
Champion – Jack Panigoni (78)

What a great battle this one turned into between Jack and both of the competitors he was playing alongside. When the scores were finally confirmed he took the medal by just one stroke. The finish to this match proved to be really exciting to watch and a great example of character building competition golf . Jack proved once again he is a very experienced and hard working player who is both talented and tenacious and never one to give up on a challenge. Congratulations Jack on picking up the medal on this one.

Runner up by only one stroke was another of our regular competitors ..Jonathan Ring (79)He made our winner work hard towards the end and pushed him all the way. Well done Jonathan, you played really well and made this a great spectacle for us to watch.

It would be unfair at this stage if we didn’t also mention Caden Fockler who played in the same group as Jack and Jonathan. Caden recorded a very impressive 81 and played some of his very best golf yesterday. He is another fine example of a player who works really hard at his game and it was great to see him rewarded for that by playing so well in such a competitive setting . Well done Caden!

So that wraps up another fine day of Junior Golf and the scores for all players are shown below. Keep watching this page and for news on upcoming events and some exciting news to be announced soon about the added benefits you will receive for signing up as a Highlander Tour Member.

Congratulations Katie.
Congratulations Nicky
Congratulations Jack
Katie Allen displays her Champions Medal
Nicky Riscica displays his Champion Medal

Thank you to our Sponsors. www.golfcutlerygiftswww.golfcutlerygifts and Mr David Ring and family for your outstanding support.

Thank you Mr David Ring for your support.

Last but certainly not least Thank You to Brian Shelton and everyone at Summerglen Golf Club for your support of this Highlander Junior Tour Event and your ongoing support of Junior Golf Development in our community. Everyone we met from staff to club members was so welcoming to our group and nothing was too much trouble. Nick helped enormously out on the course to keep everyone moving along while not feeling rushed. We really appreciate all of you and we look forward to returning soon.

Mark Panigoni presents Brian Shelton of Summerglen Golf Club with our Certificate of Appreciation.

The Champion Golfer 2020 Claret Jug

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