Good morning everyone,

We are very much looking forward to welcoming you all to this 2024 Season opener at Red Tail GC tomorrow. Venue information and location can be found by clicking HERE

Below this message you will find your player tee times, yardages and information for this competition. All players will commence play at 11.30am on number 1 of Red Tail GC.

It is important that all players check in on arrival with Fiona at our Golfer Registration Desk beside the Pro Shop. Registration will be open from 9.45 am. We DO need to know you have arrived with us and if any changes are necessary, we will communicate these to you at that stage. Range warm up info will also be provided to you at check-in. It’s also important for us to check that we have the correct phone number on file for you in the event that we need to contact you urgently while you are out on the course.

Carts are included in the entry fee you paid for ALL players at this venue (Please do remember that you MUST be 15 or older and in possession of a license to drive a cart…it’s now the LAW in Florida!) Younger players can use golf cart with a parent or guardian driving them. If you prefer to walk during this tournament this is acceptable however please do remember that it is extremely important EVERY player maintains a good pace of play at all times.

Please note caddies are also permitted at our tournament events for players up to the age of 15 only. Caddies MUST comply with USGA caddie rules at all times and pace of play MUST be observed. If your group falls behind play, we will request you play quicker, if a second request is necessary, we will request you play “Ready Golf”. If a single individual player is causing a pace of play issue and the player or group has been advised already, we will monitor and if necessary, add penalty stroke(s) for further instances of slow play. Electronic devices, with slope assistance turned off, to assist with yardages are also acceptable for use at this competition.

This competition will be ranked by iWanamaker rankings and by GJGR. (Global Junior Golf Rankings). Official scoring will only be accepted by inputting scores into our dedicated online scoring app which can be downloaded from your online app store by searching for CJGT. You will find that all player info and tee times as shown below have been pre-loaded into the app already.

Please note if you have previously played with us and you already have the CJGT app please check it is operating normally before you arrive at the venue. The app is provided by iWanamaker and the latest version has just been relaunched only a few days ago. It has been tested at our end and while the layout is slightly different it is operating normally. If you do experience any issues getting in please delete it and reload it. Your log in details that worked with the last version remain the same. If you cannot get in, have forgotten your details, or need assistance please let us know and iWanamaker can reset it today (Friday). They will not be able to reset on Saturday.

If you are joining us for the first time, and using the CJGT scoring app for the first time, you will first have to register in the CJGT app. Please do so USING THE PLAYERS NAME EXACTLY AS IT WAS ENTERED WHEN YOU REGISTERED WITH US FOR THE EVENT.  App registration and use of the CJGT app for scoring for players is always FREE. **IMPORTANT NOTE ** If you are a parent and you are registering a player on his/her behalf please click on the box that asks if you are a junior golfer. If you do not follow this instruction and you mistakenly click the parent/spectator box, you will be taken to a pay screen and your player will lose access to scoring. Please register in the player’s name and use the players email if they have one. Once registered you can then search for this competition in the Find an Event area where you will find the full list of players and all tee times.

Please note that when searching in your phone’s app store for the correct app search for CJGT and download. The logo looks like this:


Once players are registered, scoring via the app is a simple process but if you do need any assistance with it please ask prior to play and we will be happy to help. Please bear in mind that YOUR score on each hole is ultimately YOUR responsibility even if you are not the person within your group who is inputting it to the app. We always suggest that you double check it has been entered correctly before you finalize it on the final hole. If you do notice ANY discrepancy, please bring it to our attention immediately.

As always, we will be operating an additional FUN nearest-the-pin competition on Saturday, sponsored by Edwin Watts Golf, with a gift card prize from our sponsor for the player who hits it closest. We will advise all players prior to play which hole will be used. There will be a marker post and tape measure behind the green. If you hit it close please measure distance, check what’s on the marker post already and if you are closest, write your name and the distance from the hole.

Please make your way to the 1st tee at least 10 minutes before play where we will provide a short briefing to players on any local rules that may apply to this competition. We will also supply you with a tournament rules sheet at registration.

Weather text service: Please rest assured player safety is always our priority and if it becomes necessary at any of our tournaments to shelter in place or return to the clubhouse, we will immediately advise you by text so please keep your phone handy at all times. Please ensure you are prepared, as much as possible, for fast-changing weather conditions. Saturday forecast suggests cloudy conditions with the possibility of rain, especially early in the day. Temperatures will climb to low/mid 70’s in the afternoon however it IS a forecast so please do always check the forecast hasn’t changed before you leave for the golf course and ALWAYS come prepared. Please also ensure you have water, energy drinks and snacks with you.

Following play, we will confirm and agree scores with you and present medal awards on the patio area to each of our lowest scoring flight winners and to our nearest the pin winner. We will also present our lowest scoring overall players (Boy and Girl) aged 13 and above with an FJT STEP Exemption Award. Please see T&C’s relating to the requirements to receive this award by clicking HERE and scrolling to condition 8.

We will make our presentations as quickly as possible, and as flights finish, in order to get you heading for home as early as we can.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have questions. We look forward to another great day of tournament golf at Red Tail GC and your tee times and yardages are shown below. These are also now available to view in the CJGT app.

The Claret Tour at Red Tail GC – Tee Times, Yardages and Flight Information.

Player Flight Key: St Andrews Flight – Ages 16/18, Carnoustie Flight – Ages 14/15, Gleneagles Flight – Ages 9/10 

1 11.30 AM ETHAN WEBER BLUE/6768 St Andrews
2 11.38 AM DONALD GUBER BLUE/6768 St Andrews
SHANE TRESS BLUE/6768 St Andrews
JACK SCOTT BLUE/6768 St Andrews
3 11.46 AM REAGAN CHAIRES BLUE/6768 St Andrews
4 11.54 AM KATE YAREM WHITE/GOLD 5843 St Andrews
5 12.02 PM AYDEN ROBINSON GREEN/6503 Carnoustie
TRENT SPIRES GREEN/6503 Carnoustie
ASHER KATZ GREEN/6503 Carnoustie
6 12.10 PM LOGAN MELDE GREEN/6503 Carnoustie
RAND GRINDOL GREEN/6503 Carnoustie
JAYDEN WEI RED/5135 Gleneagles

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